HARP Program

Has your home lost value? Is your mortgage balance higher than your home value? Do you feel “stuck” with your high interest rate?

You’re not the only one. The housing bubble affected millions of U.S. residents, causing good people to lose significant equity in their homes.

The solution has finally arrived. HARP allows homeowners who have lost significant equity in their home to refinance at today’s low interest rates, as long as they meet basic eligibility requirements. HARP stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program, and was created for homeowners in your position.

Under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, you can refinance your loan to achieve any or all of the following:

  • Lower Your Interest Rate
  • Modify your type of loan from Adjustable to fixed-rate or fixed-rate to Adjustable
  • Lower the payment term length (only available for fixed rate mortgages)
  • Choose a different lender

Learn more about the incredible benefits that a HARP refinance can offer by reading our Frequently Asked Questions about HARP or click here to get started today.

When you contact us, ask if you are eligible to pay nothing at closing!